Sentence Strategies for Multilingual Learners: Advancing Academic Literacy through Combinations (Routledge, 2024)

This book by Nell Scharff Panero and Joanna Yip presents Combinations as a set of high-yield instructional strategies for advancing academic literacy for multilingual learners and all students. It discusses the strategies themselves as well as how they work to advance content and language learning simultaneously, across the grades and content areas.

The book is particularly beneficial for all teachers working with linguistically and culturally diverse learners to accelerate their language and content learning. Utilizing these strategies will not only greatly improve students’ writing but also supports their critical thinking, content area reading and language comprehension skills. This book argues for utilizing Combinations with Strategic Inquiry, presenting evidence of how each amplifies the impact of the other, and how together they address many of the challenges to learning new and counter-cultural methods and to establishing school and district cultures in support of multilingual learners’ success.

This book is a great resource for classroom teachers, literacy coaches and school and district administrators who want to support multilingual learners and all students to thrive.

You can find the book HERE.