WIT for Math

This workshop introduces the specific WIT strategies that develop students’ mathematical expertise in alignment with the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practices, with a special focus on Math Practices 1,3 and 6. The session focuses on the multiple choice and open-ended state exam questions with which students struggle most and those WIT strategies that help students successfully navigate these problems. This is a hands-on, experiential workshop. Participants will be given examples of and opportunities to create their own examples of WIT strategies built into past exam questions. The session is not intended to turn math teachers into writing teachers. Rather, it develops teachers’ expertise using WIT to improve student understanding, expression and performance in math.

This workshop is appropriate for WIT beginners or those with prior experience and it is geared to teachers of all student populations, including ENL, bi-lingual and SPED.
*CTLE hours: 15

Spring 2019

Thursday, Feb 7
Tuesday, March 5
Thursday, April 4

9am - 3pm

$1,000 per person*

Long Island City HS, Queens, NY

Registration deadline January 25, 2019

Registration Closed

*The fee for this WIT workshop (three sessions) is $1,000 per person.  There is a discount of $100 per person for teams of 3 or more from the same school.

Julie Bingay-Lopez is the the Assistant Principal of Mathematics at Long Island City High School and a certified trainer in both Strategic Inquiry and WIT.

Michelle Brochu is a Senior Strategic Inquiry Consultant.