WIT 104

This is an advanced 3-day WIT workshop in which participants work backward from unit end assessments to develop students’ ability to take notes from complex texts; organize them in a fashion aligned to a culminating writing assessment; and produce complex writing of varied forms aligned to the demands of the Common Core Standards. In addition, this workshop specifically addresses entry points for special populations – special education students and English Language Learners – showing strategies for providing access to common core aligned writing demands for all students.

Pre-requisites: WIT 101 (or WIT 101 for ENL) & WIT 102
*Note: For some participants, it will make sense to move directly from WIT 102 to WIT 104 (skipping 103). If you have questions about the sequence that is best for you, please contact us.
*CTLE hours: 15


9am - 3pm

$1,000 per person*

Exact location in NYC TBD

*The fee for this WIT workshop (three sessions) is $1,000 per person.  There is a discount of $100 per person for teams of 3 or more from the same school.