WIT 102 – online

This workshop introduces basic note-taking skills and strategies to support students’ writing of strong paragraphs. Like with the sentence strategies, the note-taking and paragraph skills leverage improved reading comprehension and thinking as well as clear writing.  WIT 102 builds on skills developed in WIT 101.  It is appropriate for teachers of all grades (1-12) AND content areas – those for whom students are expected to write paragraphs (as in ELA or Social Studies) and those for whom the paragraph pre-requisites support students to meet specific content goals (as in Math or Science). WIT 102 is appropriate for teachers of general education students, special education students, and students for whom English is a new language.  This is a hands-on workshop.  Participants will leave with activities they can implement immediately with students, either in-person or online.

Prerequisites: WIT 101 or WIT 101 for ENL

*CTLE hours: 12 (for teachers in New York State)

June 2023

June 20, 21 & 22, 2023

9am- 2pm EST

$1,000 per person or $900 per person for 3 or more teachers from one school*

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Michelle R. Brochu