WIT 101 for ENL – Webinar series

This four-session webinar series focuses on the same foundational content as WIT 101 for ENL (sentences to parallel revision with a special focus on supporting students for whom English is a new language). Unlike our workshops, this series uses a lecture format with opportunities for Q & A during each session.

WIT for ENL presents an approach to implementing WIT that amplifies language development in writing instruction for multilingual students in a content-integrated way. It adds to the WIT basket the use of oral language, home language, and additional scaffolds to support vocabulary and thinking that enable multilingual students to communicate effectively in writing across content areas. This series addresses support for students at all levels of language proficiency, including students with inconsistent formal education (or SIFE) with low literacy in their home language.

*CTLE hours: 6 (relevant for New York State educators only)

June 2019

4 Saturdays TBA

12 - 1:30pm EST

$600 per person

Registration Closed


Joanna Yip, PhD
Joanna is an an educational consultant with special expertise supporting schools to improve curriculum and instruction for multilingual students, especially for low literacy students with interrupted or inconsistent formal education. She is currently an instructional coach at New Visions for Public Schools focused on improving outcomes for ENL students. She has led working groups for students with interrupted formal education (SIFE) at the Internationals Network for Public Schools and served as a professional developer for Bridges to Academic Success, a curriculum for SIFE students in New York State. She has a doctorate in Urban Education Policy from the City University of New York Graduate Center where she did research on the educational histories of newcomer immigrant youth. She is a certified trainer in both WIT and Strategic Inquiry.