Virtual SI + Combinations Team

This series is designed for team leaders (teachers or administrators who are leading a teacher team or who would like to be prepared to lead such a team in the future) of all grade levels and content areas and who would like to learn first-hand and experientially what it’s like to participate in a Combinations plus SI based team. Participants may be applying what they are learning concurrently to teams they are leading in their schools OR preparing to apply what they are learning in the future.

This is an in-depth learning experience for either one semester or a full year. All participants are expected to have taken Combinations (WIT 101) previously OR to take it concurrently with the Fall Series. Each semester, participants will work closely with 1-2 specific students in their school and will be able to demonstrate progress in academic literacy for these students as a result of changes in thinking and instruction gained through collaborative inquiry.

Series 1 (Fall, 2024) focuses on developing educators’ expertise to move students in Boundaries, Hook it Up and Set it Up strategies.

Series 1 Learning Objectives:
Participants will move students in 1-2 categories of Combinations (Boundaries and/or Hook it up/Set it up Strategies), as dictated by evidence of student need. In order to do so, participants will:

  • Generate and analyze a writing baseline for target students and identify smaller Combinations-based learning targets;
  • Create Combinations tasks to move student learning forward;
  • Work as a team to analyze student work in order to surface needed adaptations in task design and instruction to move students;
  • Understand and experience “getting small” in inquiry to improve teacher practice and, as a result, student learning;
  • Identify evidence-based next steps;
  • Experience use of “tennis charts,” a key SI tool, to help teams drill down to learning targets and track impact;
  • Create data displays to demonstrate progress over time.

Series 2 (Spring, 2025) focuses on developing educators’ expertise to move students in additional Hook it Up, Set it Up and Stretch Strategies. In addition, Series 2 involves more explicit attention to team facilitation and facilitator moves. Click here for Series 2 learning objectives.

Series 2 Learning Objectives:
Participants will move students and demonstrate progress in 1-2 additional categories of Combinations (Hook it up/Set it up and/or Stretch it strategies), as dictated by evidence of student need. In addition to meeting the Series 1 objectives for new strategies, participants will:

  • Generate tennis charts;
  • Practice SI facilitation skills;
  • Be able to articulate the SI theory of change (how getting small works to move teacher thinking and practice and student performance as a result);
  • Provide targeted feedback to improve select combinations tasks;
  • Understand and be able to articulate typical challenges in an SI plus Combinations team and the needed facilitator moves to overcome them.

Those who successfully complete Series 1 and 2 are eligible to apply for Combinations + SI Facilitator Certification.

Fall 2024 / Spring 2025

Series 1 - Fall 2024 (Sept - Dec): 8 Sessions
Series 2 - Spring 2025 (Jan - May): 8 Sessions

Mondays from 5-8pm EST

$5,000 per participant or $4,000 per person if 2 or more participants from one school PER SERIES


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